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The Film That Brought Electricity to a Village

The story of a film that went on to change the life of a small village, and the man who made that film. Part 3 of 3 and the final part from the writer’s series, The Assam Dispatch.

Sep 2, 2023
Utpal Datta

On the morning of April 17, 1971, Jiban Bora, a drama activist and film aficionado from Panigaon, a village located around 370 km from Guwahati, arrived at the House of Baruah (refer to our previous feature in the series) and stepped up to the veranda. He was there to speak with Brajen Baruah and make a proposal for a film. Jaya Saikia, from Bora’s village, accompanied him. Saikia had already made her mark as a Bihu dancer and acted in Baruah's Mukuta (1970), a superhit film. She also worked as an artist in the Assam government’s Information and Publicity Department.


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